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Groups for Inuria Championship Summer have been drawn today and the tournament's prize purse has increased due to expanding to 40 teams.
After confirming payments from 40 teams, Inuria Championship Summer organizers have drawn them into eight groups.
The tournament follows BECSL II which was won by eSrael, and the Danes eventually did sign up for this season as well, same as their countrymen and last season's runners-up Anexis. Those two were joined by duttdutt, KerchNET, x6tence, DELTA, HEADSHOTBG and dotpiXels as high seeds, while the rest of the teams were divided into another three seeding pools.
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
 eSrael DELTA x6tence HEADSHOTBG
 Free Agents BEASTS IYH place2play.ru
 pod nEophyte snT DN-Gaming
 praNkEd DEFUSE cybershoot KlazioNz Gaming
 MK.inuria MOROCCO Karont3 NPME
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
 Anexis KerchNET dotpiXels duttdutt
 TMVG ColdGame USSR eestralis
 unnamed Goblins SpiN PARASHUT
 Gaming-club.ru foreign eSrael Team A-Game
 CHIKARA iGamerz Xapso fugitive
The prize pool has increased by another 400€ and the distribution now looks like this:
1. 1,100€
2. 500€
3. 300€
The group stage will start next week, with teams expected to schedule their first two encounters for July 2-8. They will play against each other once in a best-of-one format, and the best two teams will eventually advance to playoffs which will be played in single elimination best-of-three format.
HLTV.org will provide full coverage of all matches, including statistics, so check back every now and then if you want to keep track of this tournament.

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